Ready to Place an Order for Postcards?

Please send an email to me at BRENDA.ERNZEN@GMAIL.COM with the following information:

1. Shipping Address

2. Return Address for back of postcards and/or any other message

3. Quantity of Postcards

4. Quantity of Envelopes (optional)

5. Names and Wedding Date for front of postcard, if desired

6. Specific look/colors/theme/style/font, if you have a preference (if there is a certain postcard(s) on my website that you really like, please let me know)

7. Your Daytime Phone Number (which will only be used if there is a problem shipping your postcards)

8. Your preferred payment method: check or Paypal (I require Paypal for orders outside the U.S.A.)

9. Size of Postcard: Regular or Oversized

10. Any upgrades? (color printing on back, thicker paper, etc.)

Then please send a separate email with your photo files*. If they are large files (over 5 MB), you may have to send them one at a time.

Customers who use Hotmail: please attach your photos "as files" and NOT "as photos".

If you have any difficulty emailing me, please call me.


*By sending me your photos, you certify that you have permission from the photographer to allow Forever Clever to reprint your images and agree to hold harmless Forever Clever for all costs, expenses, attorney's fees or judgements resulting from claims or lawsuits made for any grounds claiming that the product produced violates any copyright or proprietary right of any person or entity.

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